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About me

I'm a web developer who graduated with a 2:2 BSc(Hons) in I.T. and Tourism, Leisure & Recreation studies in 1997. Since then I have worked within the Education sector, PR & Marketing, and I.T. services. I now work as a Freelance Web Developer, handling my own clients and providing additional development support for local Marketing agencies on an ad hoc basis.

Although my initial development experience was in Classic ASP (VBScript), I have also worked briefly in ASP.NET. Since 2008 I have migrated to PHP development, and now run my own LAMP server for development purposes. My passion is for user-friendly sites, with standards compliance - something which has been important to me since the introduction of DDA in the pubilc sector in the early 00's.

While it's important that your site is coded using the latest technologies, it's equally important to know that your site will be viewable on all the major browsers. To achieve this I test in all major versions of the main browsers on Windows (XP, Vista & 7), Mac, Ubuntu & iPad.

Whether you want a static site with monthly or annual updates undertaken by your developer, or a full Content Management System (CMS) using current Open Source CMS technologies (or even a bespoke CMS) so that you can maintain your site yourself, I can provide you with a solution to suit your needs. If you have a designer but need someone to turn their beautiful work into a working reality, I can fulfil your requirements.

With a background in Art & Design, and having worked closely with Graphic Designers over the last few years, I have an eye for layout and design which is often missing in code-based developers. I'm equally at home with hand-coding or using developer packages such as Dreamweaver and Microsoft Visual Web Developer.

Contact me

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